What is a Peace Pursuit Practitioner?

Practitioners are individuals who are actively engaged in applying a specialized professional service to help individuals in need, based on extensive training and high levels of established skill. 

A Certified Peace Pursuit Practitioner is someone who has extensive and advanced experience as a Peace Pursuit Coach, and who desires to help others reach peace even in complex and painful situations.

Practitioners are able to serve individuals as a Coach and are also able to act as a Witness or Mediator during Stage 3 conversations, to help parties in conflict reach the Bounce of Peace. Practitioners are often called upon to help others resolve conflicts within ministry organizations, local church communities, and through requests sent to Peace Pursuit.
(For more info about the different Stages and Roles of the Peace Pursuit Model, Click Here)

Certified Practitioners have been thoroughly trained, supervised, evaluated, and certified by Peace Pursuit International. They have demonstrated a lifestyle committed to personal peacemaking, advanced understanding of contextualized application of the Peace Pursuit Model, and skillful aptitude in the Coach Role.

Practitioners must renew their certification every 2 years to ensure they maintain the highest level of skillful application of the Peace Pursuit Model, both in their role as a Coach and in their personal lives.   

How Can I Become a CERTIFIED Practitioner?

To become a skilled Coach, and eventually attain certification as a Practitioner, you must complete 4 progressive levels of training, supervision, and evaluation:   

Level 1: Attend a Coach and Mediator Training
Level 2: Attend 4 Enrichment Webinars
Level 3: Submit 10 Coaching Debriefs
Level 4: Successfully pass the Practitioner Evaluation 

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