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Peace Pursuit Essentials Workshop - Video Training Series

Digital Curriculum Package
This 5-part video series provides groups with an introductory training in the Peace Pursuit Model: a structured and effective process for resolving conflicts biblically, and a systematic method for discipleship and personal growth in Christ.

After completing this course, small groups, families, and ministry teams will be able to confidently use the PEACE PURSUIT QUICK START GUIDE to help themselves resolve any relational problem by reaching the Bounce of Peace. This video-guided curriculum is engaging, interactive, fun, extremely practical, and provides groups with eye-opening lessons about the deeper reasons conflict occur, case studies for practicing, and specific steps that anyone can take to experience peace in their hearts, before the Lord, and in their relationships. Participants will grow in their ability to offer effective apologies, clarify expectations, evaluate their inner motivations, and promote healthier group dynamics in any setting.

Essentials Workshop Course: $199

Peace Pursuit Mobile App

If you are a follower of Jesus and want to resolve a relational problem, the Peace Pursuit App can help! 

Available on both Apple and Android devices, the Peace Pursuit App is a step-by-step biblical process which provides users with the necessary tools to address their own conflicts or to assist others who are struggling in their relationships. 

Users navigate a visually engaging, interactive interface that customizes action steps according to their unique circumstances in a relational problem. The app's intuitive design ensures that users can easily grasp and implement biblical principles, whether they find themselves in an “offended” or “offender” role, a third-party “initiator” role, or a “coach” role who helps another person seek peace. 

* Try downloading the app onto a tablet for the optimal user experience.

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Peace Pursuit Mobile App Screenshot
Peace Pursuit Mobile App Screenshot

Peace Pursuit Handbook

Why do so many followers of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, leave their conflicts unresolved?

Most often, it’s because:

  • They don’t know where to start.
  • They’re afraid they’ll make a mistake. 
  • They’ve tried, it didn’t work, and they’ve lost hope for reconciliation.

The clear roles and stages of The Peace Pursuit Handbook will give you hope and confidence.

Glorify God and reach peace between two people as you:

  • Identify your biblical peacemaking role and its options.
  • Meet with God before you talk with anyone else.
  • Prepare for conversations more than confrontations.
  • Involve others only if appropriate.
  • Find answers to questions like “What do I do when…?” and “How do I respond if the other person…?”

An interpersonal conflict can be complicated.

Its resolution doesn’t have to be.

Welcome to Peace Pursuit.