Essentials Workshop

Digital Curriculum Package

Peace Pursuit Essentials Workshop - Video Training Series

Essentials - Handout
Case Study

This course consists of three elements:

  • Essentials Video Sessions - 5 videos that are viewed through
  • Essentials Handouts - An 8-page PDF for you to download, print, and distribute to your group, containing the Quick Start Guide, the Essentials Workshop Outline, and the Case Study
  • Essentials Discussion Guide - a 7-page PDF for you to download

With this purchase, you receive a 3-month subscription, granting you up to 5 streaming views of each video training session during that time period, as well as permanent downloads of training documents. Though advanced preparation is not necessary, your group facilitator can easily watch the video sessions before leading the group through each lesson, activities, and discussions.

After purchasing this training package, you will receive an email prompting you to set up login information for Peace Pursuit’s PREMIUM CONTENT PORTAL. After logging in, you can download the training resources for your group, along with the Facilitator Guide. This is also where you will view each of the streaming video sessions. Your subscription is active for 3 months, with up to 5 views of each of the video sessions.

  • This course is designed for groups of 4 or more. It is not structured for individual learning.
  • Each session begins by viewing the Video Session, includes activities contained within the video, and concludes with group interactions facilitated by the Discussion Guide.
  • The five Video Sessions range from 16-25 minutes, not including the pauses for group activities, discussions, and individual exercises, which occur periodically throughout each video.
  • Each group member will need their own copy of the Handouts (2-sided color printing), which they will use for written activities and personal notes throughout each session.
  • Immediately following each Video Session, the Discussion Guide is used to expand on the content and activities from the session by facilitating additional group discussions, exercises, and applications. The Discussion Guide is used by the group’s Facilitator and does not need to be reproduced for each group member.
  • Overall, if your group sincerely engages in this curriculum of learning, activities, and discussion, you should expect Sessions 1 and 2 to each last approximately 60 minutes. Sessions 3, 4, and 5 will each require around 90 minutes.
Essentials Workshop Course: $199