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The Bounce of Peace

What does the Bible mean by the phrase, “live at peace” or “live peaceably” with everyone? I describe peace between two people as the point when each party admits whatever they did wrong to the other (if they did anything… Read More

Stage 1: The Hub of Peace Pursuit

Airlines publish route maps with curved lines connecting the destinations where they fly. Most of those lines are connected to one city or a handful of cities. The airlines call these hubs. If you fly with that airline often, sooner… Read More

Three Motives That Produce a Good Apology

Think of a time when someone apologized to you, but their confession just didn’t feel right.  Maybe it even made you feel more hurt or offended.  Was it the words they said (or didn’t say)?  Was it their tone of… Read More

Forgiving in Two Dimensions

When you are offended, the Bible guides you to forgive the person who offended you in two ways: in your heart before God, and to the offender personally. I heard once that you could describe the act of forgiving the… Read More